Every Merchant Network Inc., owners and operators of EverSalesCall.com has spent years helping its clients generate leads on a pay-per-call, pay-per-click or pay-per-lead basis. Historically, we have generated these leads through utilizing our relationship with hundreds of our local vertical web platforms and audiences and social community based platforms to increase our clients' revenue.

Our Exclusive Leads allows you to pay only for results, not ads!

We are now pleased to offer your company the opportunity to see a significant increase in lead generation via our targeted vertical audiences. (EveryMenu.com, EveryJewelryStore.com, EveryCellularStore.com. EveryInsuranceCompany.com, EveryCarDealership.com and Thousands to come.)

Why EverSalesCall.com

Lead generation using the internet is nothing new � advertisers have been relying on pay-per-click search engine and affiliate advertising for several years now. Yet the fact remains that many consumers would rather pick up the phone and speak to a live representative, than fill out an online form. More importantly, however, is that phone calls are more valuable to an advertiser than clicks or form leads.

For example, it may take you three form leads to get a single prospect on the phone. Often times, when you do finally speak with these prospects, they have lost their impetus or may have even selected another company. Yet, with an inbound phone call generated through EverSalesCall.com, you are speaking to the prospect immediately, at the time they are initiating the contact and are interested in speaking with you. This is a clear advantage.

How EverSalesCall.com Works

The EverSalesCall.com system is remarkably simple. We help you generate and track valuable telephone leads via local or toll-free phone numbers that are routed directly to your point of specification (be it your call center or to your main business line). Better yet, you only pay for the calls or leads you receive. And getting started is easy:

Calls Are Routed Directly To You � No Third Parties

We provide you with multiple phone numbers that ring directly at the destination point you request. Simply decide where you�d like the incoming toll-free calls to go, and we will have them directed straight to the phone line or destination of your choice.

Using cutting-edge technology, we can manage thousands of distinct numbers simultaneously, in order to help maximize your lead generation potential.